In 2013 I was lucky to meet the best animal I have ever been blessed to cohabit with, Tilly my female Huskamute. Having kept dogs previously and reading up on the breed I was expecting a handful, and for the first three years I got just that! I have had this lady teach me so much about relationships with dogs I cannot praise her enough.

Having learned from her I have fallen head over heels with snowdogs and had hoped to breed from my magnificent female in the future.

In 2016 we lost one of our older dogs. The grief spurred Tilly to go in to season two months earlier than expected but thanks to the fantastic owners of proven stud dog Nanuk, we have been recently blessed with an amazingly large litter of 12 beautiful puppies, with some incredible colours, some of which I have never seen myself! If you aren’t aware, for a first litter 12 is massive!!

These pups were all delivered with myself and Nanuk’s owner Lucas present and assisting. I can honestly say I cried like a baby and am still overcome with the sheer joy of seeing such beautiful creatures being loved by their amazing mum.

I will be documenting and posting their progress here and updates on the pups and their mum for all other lovers of snowdogs!

We have worked hard to ensure these puppies thrived and have the best start to life we can offer, continue supporting the owners throughout the puppies’ lives.