Couldn’t be prouder!!

Well, its been 6 months since I delivered 12 beautiful hair balls of love and I am very happy to say I am still getting great reports back from all of our new owners. Our two pups, Sonic and Ruby are growing fast and we think Ruby will outgrow her mum in the next couple of months though a few of the male pups have surpassed er already. I will be posting a new gallery of the pups as babes and grown up soon, I will make sure I have the owners permission to share pictures before as its only polite!

We do keep getting asked about pups and future litters. At this stage we won’t be having anymore litters for at least another year, though ideally longer and when we have a larger home. We managed with 12 here but I do feel the space for them wasn’t as plentiful as it could have been. If we do decide to have more litters in the future I will be getting a full license and as with this litter screening will be performed before we go ahead.

We’ve started training the girls with bikejoring and Sonic is amazing, without her I doubt the other two would be so willing to run. This certainly keeps them fit and healthy, though as I’m not cycling as much as I did with Tilly I could do with a bit more exercise (and less ice cream).

My campervan has had the rear doors changed to doors with windows. All that’s left is the rear bakes, electrics and soft furnishings and we should be good to start taking the girls to the New Forest by September. Just passed my theory test (first time) and have finally found a great instructor so won’t be long until I can get behind the wheel. I cannot wait!! It will great to take the dogs to new places, not just the New Forest!


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