Last pup, malicious people and being hounded about the next litter….

OK, for those of you who know our family you will be fully aware of how much hard work has gone in to the past 16/17 weeks since the delivery of Tilly’s unexpectedly large first litter. This week has been mental with the majority of our remaining fur balls finding their forever homes and we have just the one pup left, Sonic the leading female. Now I am not too fussed if she is rehomed or not as she is an asset in regards to pulling, which is ideal for our bikejoring.

Now here’s the fun part, the next litter. Getting a lot of questions about that…
As much as I have adored these beautiful creatures and worked my butt off to make sure they thrive, the hostility we have received has made this experience incredibly stressful.

Now we have had amazing feedback from both new owners and our vets on the condition and nature of our pups.

Despite being stupidly lucky with the new owners of our pups being great AND staying in touch with us (as per the contract) we have decided that there’s no way we’ll be doing this again, at least not living near people who complain about everything, yet let their dog bark all hours of the day.

Earlier this week were wrongfully reported to the RSPCA by a certain compulsive complainer after they got through the gate (previously reported in this blog). We happily invited the inspector in and he was surprised at how calm and healthy they were in contrast to what this lady had reported (our pictures speak for themselves as do the videos). Ignorance doesn’t always mean bliss, especially when you’re a bitter whingebag.

I would also like to commend another delightfully workshy person for handing my blog to the council, its a perfect example of the effort put in to care for our animals so hasn’t benefited your malicious cause in any way.

This has been hard work but overall as all of the pups have thrived I have been rewarded with that so much that these sad cases haven’t taken that from me.

I will however, concede that we won’t be doing this again in the near future, my apologies but humans are by far the most malevolent, self absorbed animals on this planet.




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