Happy days!

Today the last of the second jabs were done at our local vets. Had a lovely chat with our vet and was given praise for the condition of our puppies and how well kept they are. This is another reward for the hard work we have put for the past 12 weeks on top of the great feedback from new owners and people who have met them and their puppies! May have been a bit stressful at times but its paying off with healthy, happy little furballs.

Began individual lead training this morning and so far good results though some getting the hang of it faster than others! Its all a learning curve for the babies so couldn’t be prouder of them!

Having had their mum wind them up and wreck their downstairs pen they all sleep in a pen upstairs now. This has actually worked out better as the pups are sleeping through with less mess to clean in the morning. Funny how that works isn’t it?!

Hope you all have a good week and the weather stops being a plum!



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