So far this week we have had five requests to view, all from ‘new users’ of the sites we’re advertising on and have let people down given we believed these people were genuine. Out of the five viewings none have shown (one still left), meaning those who were genuinely interested have missed out because of some one who wasn’t.

It would seem that people believe we sit on our arses all day, can I please inform you that we don’t as I work part time as well as this being a full time job for my family.

As a result of these time wasters, each person who lets us down (and in turn lets other people down) will no longer be allowed to view our animals unless a very valid excuse is given. I didn’t want to have to take this stance but the pups are now 12 weeks old and deserve to be homed with people who actually want one rather than chancers and cheap skates looking for a breeding female (you know who you are).

Now the pups are out walking we get a lot of people asking but I am still staying fussy as I love these animals. They have given me more than money can, even if they can be hard work sometimes. They deserve to be loved by genuine people and if not I’m happy to keep them!





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