Campervan conversion, conversion.

Yep a post not about puppies!! Shock horror! Last year I bought a nice ex royal mail ldv convoy van. This van was converted to a camper and was used for trips to new forest, Stonehenge, devil’s punchbowl and the Isle of Wight. Tilly and our sorely missed dog Dave would come on weekend outings with lovely long walks, this was good for all of us!

Well things change and in light of that I decided to rejig the camper myself. Yes this is the first time I’ve done this and no I don’t really do plans per say, merely “wing it”.

So here’s some pics of before:

And here is what’s been done so far:

Still tonnes left but as this is just the woodwork there isn’t a huge amount to blab about other than the fact my sawing skills are getting rather good!

Did have a local caretaker comment this work isn’t for ladies earlier clearly hasn’t given himself something creative and practical to play with for some time 😜

Once all the wood work is done filled etc it will be painted. As will the door cards, ceiling and walls. Fun plans for the latter! She is a rust bucket bit I love her and I need to camp this summer!!

EDIT: More work added to the camper! 30/7/2017


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