Remaining puppies!

So getting a lot asking if we still have any for sale, we do! Here are some pics and links to a bio of each of the puppies available, please note some are already under consideration so may not be available when you arrive so double check which we still have when you contact us! As with all of the puppies identification and proof of address is required as the pups are all chipped so they will need to be updated after rehoming.

Blonde female

Bio here




2 thoughts on “Remaining puppies!

  1. Larisa Tasker says:

    Hi, I sent you a long email about a week ago, I’m not sure if your response to me has bounced or if you didn’t get my email.

    I was emailing to find out if any of your pups are still available?



    • ConnollyOsteo says:

      Hi Larisa! We do yes. Our red male has literally just been sold so just grey male and blonde female left. My number is 07504741975 if you would like to come meet them. The email address given was incorrect so have updated xx


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