The cost of a new puppy.

Having had a number of people asking questions regarding the price set for our puppies I would like to take a minute to outline why the price we are asking is set as it is in the hope to give insight in to what breeding and raising puppies entails…

Dedication to your new family member.

First and foremost, having reared these furballs I am very selective with regards to new owners. Getting a new puppy requires commitment and will have financial outgoings, much like preparing for a new child (but less of the fun part). Puppies require dedication. They are new to your home and as cute as they are will need to know that you are going to be consistent and able to afford their care in the future, this includes feeding, worming, flea treatments and sometimes vet bills. Also knowing you will still be willing to keep them once they are fully grown and no longer the cute, fluffy poo-ball you originally adopted.

These are not pedigree puppies. This is exactly why they do not cost as much as a full pedigree does. Though, this argument is commonly thrown by those looking for a discounted sale. Cross bred puppies are less likely to encounter congenital health issues such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia and glaucoma. Further to this, cross bred puppies are’t inbred!
Other cross breeds, such as cockapoos (cocker spaniel x poodle) are even more expensive than our puppies, this is due to demand more than breeding and invalidates the above reasoning for expecting a cheaper puppy.
The two breeds are both very similar in traits so the appearance isn’t far from either. I suggest to all those inexperienced with either breed to research them before considering to buy one!

Full time job.

Contrary to popular belief, raising twelve puppies in a home is a full time job. As beautiful as they are I will assure you it has been hard work! The puppies are set in to a routine but can wake up and make a lot of noise at any point through the night, sometimes more than once, yet I am happy to get out of bed and settle them whatever their reason for crying may be.
The puppies require care like babies do, this includes feeding, cleaning up their mess and making sure they are in good health. This is a daily requirement and ensures that the puppies are sold in good health both mentally and physically to their new families.

This isn’t the easiest of jobs, and can be incredibly stressful at times so would be lovely if more were able to understand the amount of effort put in to raise them well!

What I give.

Each of these twelve puppies has been fed with good quality food, continually wormed, de-flead, vaccinated and microchipped. Further to this toys, equipment, bedding and transport has been paid for to keep the little fuzzbutts happy and healthy! I have given the majority of my time to make sure they are well, having to rotate them while nursing as the litter size was too big for our female to manage and topping them up with bottle feeding where necessary. Our female (Tilly) has also been maintained throughout with a special diet for her pregnancy and nursing.

The puppies are socialised and individually trained as required to allow a smoother transition in to their new homes. I also ensure each new owner stays in contact, not just for me to know the puppies are well but also so they know I am there should they need advice or support with their new puppy. Not many people bother with this but still charge the same price as we do. I do this as I love the puppies and want the absolute best for them, the last thing I want to see is them being re-sold on facebook or gumtree because the owners can’t cope!

What you pay for.

Paying for one of our puppies isn’t just paying for a cute furry little creature, you are paying for the health, training, my time and my support as well. The more you wish to undercut that, the less I will believe you are a genuinely loving new owner as there are plenty of dogs waiting to be re-homed in rescue centres across the UK which will cost far less than a new puppy, regardless of breed.

There is far more to being a breeder than people seem to acknowledge and I sincerely hope that this post gives insight in to what goes in to raising a well formed family pet so more people are respectful of this when looking to buy a new puppy.




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