A beautiful two months…

Even with so many of the pups having left I still find myself crying when I know their new owner plans to collect them. The past two months has been intense with 12 pups but the most beautiful experience I have ever had. Currently I am being sent pics and videos from new owners with the feedback all breeders aim for; calm settled puppies who have made them happy. That also makes me cry, but with happiness and pride that the hard work has genuinely paid off with the pups’ upbringing. I have had numerous people ask if we will be breeding again in the future, given the great response all round it is possible but given the litter size I wouldn’t want to in this house again (terraced ex nhs house) as the noise hasn’t been much fun for my neighbours. If and when we do decide the details will be posted here before anywhere else.

Its getting quieter here now, and that’s as much a blessing as it is sad given the love shared over the past two months.


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