Bath, worming and microchip

So today we have once again changed the approach due to the large number of hairy poop nuggets and are bathing the pups two at a time before a nice meat tray feed with wormer. 

The pups have been wormed previously but due to some being collected late next week it is good to make sure their gut health is in good condition before they venture off to their new homes!

Further to this their mum has been treated with advantage flea treatment yesterday which is safely transferred to the pups via the milk. As they don’t nurse so often this will be a very small amount but given they are almost 8 weeks and the type of treatment it is completely safe for them. 

By bathing the pups we aim to help them get used to the process at a young age. The madness after is great for their socialising time after while drying off!

Microchips for all pups are now booked on Wednesday next week so any buyers after that date will have to update the details on the chip themselves. All paperwork will be coming with the puppy!


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