6 weeks update, food aggression and socialising…

For those who have been following this blog you are aware that my huskamute bitch, Tilly blessed me with 12 healthy furry babies of puppy poop in January this year. Having been busy with my graduation and other life events I haven’t been posting much lately but thankfully should be good to annoy you all again!

12 puppies is a lot. 6 more than the average litter. This has made things quite tricky, especially as it is Tilly’s first litter.
Now that the pups have begun weaning, their teeth are starting to show through and Tilly is withdrawing from nursing as much as she was previously.
This has meant that food is replacing the milk.

Now you can imagine with 6 puppies this natural primal urge to feed is aggressive, I assure you that you have seen nothing like it with twelve. Pure furry fury. Can in fact be quite scary to watch!
Because of this I had to think of another way to deal with the food lust so decided to leave a constant supply of puppy meal out between the main feeds. Costly and increasing the poop production but the result has been beautiful so far and has stopped the pups being so reactive to food triggers. Happier feeding times all round, less chaos and more chance that each is getting its fair share of food.

Until recently the pups had been continually kept within the whelping pen area on its it own unless moved for cleaning for cuddles with potential buyers (reserved pups will be added to puppies page later). This week I began taking the puppies outside to the rear garden with their mum. This has helped their overall confidence hugely as well as introducing their immune systems to general bacteria away from the home.
Last night I began the individual socialising on top of this, taking two pups out at one time and allowing them free run of the living room and sofa. This has helped teach them discipline, boundaries, social skills as well as gently encouraging the outdoor toilet training. Having spent individual time with each of these animals I am going to be arrogant as hell but we have got some beautiful colours I haven’t seen before and the individual natures of these babies is amazing! Very proud to have worked with them despite them being quite a handful for the best part!
I will be uploading more pics later this week and probably videos too of them in the living room socialising so keep watching for updates.


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