Getting organised

Coming up to the pups month birthday next week, meaning that those who have enquired will be booked in to come and meet this awesome bunch of super cute hairy love bundles.

Despite being rushed off my feet with spot picking poo, making up feeds for pups/mum and washing bedding this is the most beautiful time. They are all developing their little personalities and I am beaming with pride.

Some were a little wary of my size but now I literally curl in to a ball near the pen and they pull my clothes, bark (well squeak) at me and try to get in my ball for cuddles or a fruitless latching attempt.

The weaning has come along ridiculously well. So much so I am considering replacing the soaked puppy meal with puppy meat soon. The paper training is variable with each pup but thankfully my house doesn’t stink! Changing the paper at least 5 times a day and spot picking is keeping on top of the mess overall.

Pups are getting very sociable and brave as the days go by. Most importantly they are incredibly active and so loving it’s going to be hard letting them go!


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