2 weeks old and wow!!!

Given how fast the little furry love nuggets have developed I decided to change the pen around a little yesterday. Putting a chunky folded blanket towards the back and newspaper at the front. The pups are 2 weeks old today, so not even started weaning yet and guess what……


Yep, they are choosing to leave the blanket and wee on the paper. Holy moly, this was not what I was expecting!! What amazingly clever little things! Goes to show this breed should never be underestimated for intellect. Super impressed! I don’t expect perfection at this stage, so don’t worry about that but Its great they are learning the paper training already. Will make my life a lot easier when they are too big for the pen (was thinking we’d have 6-8 pups!!).

Doing a little post about the diet their mum is currently on and adapting to meet the demands of the pups, shouldn’t be too long but need at least one more cuppa before I finish it!


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