Day 6 in the Surrey snowdog house…

And no I hate big brother but kinda had that in my head. Pups are growing at a ridiculous rate and feeding furiously at mum! Gorgeous to watch as they battle for the boob (thankfully she has 12 nipples). Have added lactol to mum’s already extensive diet to hopefully help support her milk production before we begin weaning. That’s another two weeks away so really having to monitor the pups’ feeding!

He whelping area is cleaned daily with Milton and fresh blankets and towels changed frequently for mum to make her nest. You would be amazed at the amount of poo these tiny furballs produce, thankfully mum is cleaning most of it up as they go so the smell isn’t noticeable…. yet!
Here’s a lil vid of a feed today and some super cute pics of the pups afterwards!


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