and then there were 12…

Tuesday morning, my beautiful girl began to give birth to an expected litter of 6 puppies. 6 being the average for husky/malamute breeds, larger deliveries being 8. Previous to this I had noticed that her tummy looked quite ridiculous in size and she had somehow sprouted an extra 4 nipples. At 8.50am the first of the litter began to emerge in a breech position. Given the stigma associated with human breech presentations I was a tad worried but my girl held her own and the baby was delivered with no complications. By 16.55pm tilly had given birth to her 12th and final pup.

I cried numerous times throughout the labour while helping. Nanuk’s (the stud dog) owner Lucas was amazingly supportive and was with us throughout the labour, including the night before where she had begun to show signs – this one seriously dedicated stud owner!! Cannot thank Lucas enough for his presence and support!

The pups are all healthy and very hungry but Tilly is being fed untold amounts of meat, eggs, goat’s milk and other nutritious goodies to keep her energy and milk production up.





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